InfoPath Forms Services won’t install, upgrade or delete your InfoPath 2007 forms

by michaellotter30. October 2007 09:14

This for all you know administrators that have SharePoint 2007 installations and use InfoPath Forms Services. Josh and I working in our development environment on Monday and we had issues uploading, upgrading or deleting forms from InfoPath Forms Services. We could see the jobs in “Solutions Management” but not in the Timer Jobs but we also could manually get the jobs to execute when we ran “stsadm.exe –o execadmsvcjobs” command. We started to Google and everything else that we could possible think of but we didn’t have any luck until this morning. Josh wrote Jason Medero (brother) a long email about our problem and he said to make sure we had the DST patch installed. When we checked are environment this morning and we didn’t have that installed. So with little searching we found these 2 links that guided us how to install the patches and now everything works great.  We didn't have this issue in production because we installed the patches already but forgot to do it in development.


MOSS | InfoPath Forms Services

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George Chalkiadakis
George ChalkiadakisGreece
12/29/2008 2:15:06 AM #

I had a problem for a long time . Sharepoint did not let me delete upgrade a specific form template. After using various method the only solution i have found was to go to farm_cofig_db  find out the id of my form and use the following script to delete. After that i was again able to upload new version of my form.

declare @Id uniqueidentifier

set @id='677291e9-0976-49e3-a287-29aeafd309fa'


        (SELECT ChildId FROM fn_GetChildren(@Id))
    IF (@@ROWCOUNT = 0)

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