Pittsburgh Code Camp was another great code camp

by michaellotter16. April 2008 00:34

Last weekend Nas and I were speaking at the Pittsburgh Code Camp and we had a great time and we meet a lot of great people.  While in the speaker room we met Amanda Launcher and she introduced us to http://twitter.com/.  If you don’t know anything about it I would suggest going out and taking a look because to my understanding it’s the next new fad.  I would think that “twitter” is something that could complement a blog or if you don’t have much to say at one moment.  To my understanding you are only allowed 140 characters per post and you can do it from either you’re phone or IM.

Nas and I didn’t have a chance to sit in on any other sessions because we were doing some deep dive discovery on FBA and MOSS (MySite) configuration and trying to really understand how and why it’s configured the suggested way.  I must say its pretty complex at first but it gets a lot simpler once all the SQL permissions are set correctly on the FBA database.  Once we got done with this I spent more time on InfoPath Forms Services/FBA and got everything working correctly for my demo but when I tried to do the demo I couldn’t get logged into the SharePoint site because of some “unknown exception”.  When adding FBA to SharePoint it has been really unpredictable and frustrating for me.  I’m hoping that I can get all the bugs worked out by the Richmond Code Camp on April 26th.



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